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At the center of the Proteach project is the enormous value of the information and knowledge of the partners. Out of the belief in the importance of sharing knowledge, we bring you the most prominent publications of the partners. In the coming future, we will share the publications related to the Proteach project. We also invite you to the Public Deliverables section materials of the project.

​Berkovich, I., Ben Pashat, M., Cohen, R., (2006). Visual texts in the classroom, The MOFET Institute

The idea that visual expressions are a visual language analogous to verbal language is the basis for perception of visual expression as a means of communication, thinking, and evaluation. The classroom environment, with its visual texts, is a kind of litmus paper exposing the hidden cultural and pedagogical beliefs and approaches of the creators of this environment and of its consumers. The classroom environment is also a kind of catalysis that drives, creates or strengthens types of cultural and pedagogical beliefs and attitudes.

Cohen, R., Pnievsky, R., Rosental, I, Shtatfeld, R., (2004). Empowerment in partnership processes, creation of a partnership between teacher schools and teacher training at the college, The MOFET Institute.

Creating a learning community that trains teaching teachers is the dream of many educators. The model presented in the booklet is an attempt to suggest ways to realize this dream. The model is the result of the thinking and experience of the staff of the elementary education track at Beit Berl during the past few years. In our experience, it seems that creating a learning community involves creating a meaningful partnership between all the teachers, mentors, teacher students, supervisors, responsible local authorities, and parents.

Dahan, O., Tsadok, O., From learning disability to freedom, a personal and a professional look at learning disabilities and ADHD, Ken Adom, Hakibutz Hameohad and the MOFET Institute 2012.

This book deals with the life story of two professionals in the fields of psychology and education whose area of ​​specialization is people with learning disabilities and attention deficit disorder, and concentration while they both themselves are facing similar difficulties. The book brings their memories and experiences along the life cycles: childhood, army, academic studies, employment, relationships and parenting.