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Documentation of an event: Pedagogical Café, Kindergarten MIT, Holon

On the 6/5/2018 a meeting using the methodology of "pedagogical café" was held in the kindergarten MIT of Holon.

The event was organized by Holon MIT team headed by Dr. Efrat Mor with the aim of surprising the novice kindergarten teachers and to give them an experience.

In the meeting participated the intern and novice kindergarten teachers, the mentors, director of the Pizga (professional development center) Dr. Orly Ramot, 2 inspectors – Liora Yehoshua and Nurit  Lisman, the MIT facilitator Efrat Mor, the mentor guide  Shifra Sasson and more …

The main central hall of the Pizga was transformed into a café. 8 round tables were set and on them tablecloths, refreshments and menus.

The Menu

  1. Entrees (3 minutes each)
  1. An interesting opening – tell me about something interesting/special/different you did in your kindergarten this year?
  2. From all my students I have learned –  A lesson I learned from one of the children in my kindergarten
  3. Unforgettable – my first day as a kindergarten teacher
  1. Main Course (8 minutes each)
  1. Group assembly in the kindergarten – share difficulties successes and a conclusion you drew regarding the planning of a successful  meeting
  2. Work in small groups: what did you do in small groups? How did you organize the group? How did you integrate it in the itinerary? What was difficult? What went well?
  3. A child you find challenging – a success story: how did I learn to know him/her? How did I manage to reach him/her? What happened in the process of his/her settling in the kindergarten?
  4. Parents – share your difficulties and successes in working with parents as a group or with a particular parent.
  5. The assistants – how did I get them to cooperate? Where didn't I succeed?
  1. Dessert (three minutes each):
  1. Some like it hot – something which touched my heart
  2. A dessert with a spark – something good I learned about myself this year
  3. Sweetie – a child who touched me

The event was a great success both emotionally and pedagogically. The kindergarten teachers were surprised and very excited to see the inspectors and team in the role of waitresses.

The atmosphere was great and supported fascinating thought provoking discussions with regards to the topics suggested on the menus.