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Public deliverables

Recommendations for curriculum and syllabi for teachers accreditation based on the MITs

Following the Executive Report on the academic courses in HEIs (W.P:1.3.2) which details the content and syllabi of the new courses, this report amalgamates the content and presents recommendations for curriculum and syllabi for teachers’ accreditation based on the MITs. The underlying principle behind designing curriculum and syllabi for teachers’ accreditation is the improvement of teacher preparation and induction based on learning outcomes from MITs.

Final external evaluation report

The executive summary presents the key elements of the final evaluation report. Findings are based on progress, feedback reports, interviews and observations collected and analyzed by each participating institution, the internal evaluation report, the project reports and data collected through interviews, focus groups and observations by the external evaluator. Table 1 below summarizes the findings according to WPs: WP1 Preparation, Wp2 Development and Implementation, WP 3 Quality Plan, WP 4 Dissemination and exploitation, and WP5, Management.

Evaluation plan of the MITs implementation

In this document we present the PROTEACH approach to quality planning, monitoring and evaluation. The report is divided into two parts; the first and the main part is a detailed evaluation plan of the MITs implementation; the second part is a report on three questionnaires related to the projects' monitoring for general managerial issues and the success of two study seminars we conducted in the first half of the project.

Dissemination and Exploitation Plan

In this document we present the PROTEACH consortium members' approach to dissemination and exploitation planning, the dissemination activities that will be promoted and given priority, and a preliminary and partial exploitation strategy.  Lists of the dissemination activities carried out so far and some of those planned to be accomplished in the near future are included in this document. This document will be updated, as needed, in supplementary releases in the future, for the partners’ guidance.