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​Berkovich, I., Ben Pashat, M., Cohen, R., (2006). Visual texts in the classroom, The MOFET Institute

The idea that visual expressions are a visual language analogous to verbal language is the basis for perception of visual expression as a means of communication, thinking, and evaluation. The classroom environment, with its visual texts, is a kind of litmus paper exposing the hidden cultural and pedagogical beliefs and approaches of the creators of this environment and of its consumers. The classroom environment is also a kind of catalysis that drives, creates or strengthens types of cultural and pedagogical beliefs and attitudes. This is the reason for the recognition of the importance of the concept of "ownership" over the visual environment of the class and the need to eliminate the division between creators and consumers in relation to the visual texts of the class. The full participation of the students in creating the visual environment of their classroom increases their sense of belonging to the classroom and enhances their learning experience and quality. In this book we present basic assumptions and principles of theoretical approaches that may help to understand the class as an ecosystem that interacts with all its components. On the basis of the theory and practice of instructors and teachers we have developed an analysis and interpretation of the open and hidden meanings of visual texts in the classroom. Three case studies relating to such visual texts illustrate analysis and interpretation according to the criteria proposed in the outline. The main purpose of this book is twofold: first, to create awareness among teachers and among teaching students of the great importance that visual texts have in the classroom regarding the quality and character of pedagogy and the experience of students and teachers in the classroom; Second, examine how cultural and pedagogical signs of visual texts can be deciphered in classrooms in schools.