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The College of Sakhnin

Sakhnin College is located in the center of the Galilee, among the communities of Emek Yezreel and the Western Galileel. Within a radius of a twenty-minute drive there are more than 350,000 Arab residents and within a forty-minute drive there are more than 550,000 Arab residents. The College provides professional career counseling in order to assist the students to overcome difficulties and barriers that may arise, and help them to knowledgeably and wisely select a suitable professional direction within the higher education system. The Ministry of Education has awarded the college recognition for the high grade level of students accepted for study at the college three times.

Sakhnin College views itself as an agent to initiate change in the practical educational atmosphere within the Arab population. The managers of the College believe that it can significantly contribute to Arab society in subjects that are on the academic and public agenda. The college operates a volunteer program which places students in voluntary organizations that are addressing vital needs within the Arab community with a special emphasis on education and informal education. Students in the academic departments provide mentoring hours to students enrolled in the preparatory program and accompany them as needed.

During the current academic year 2016-2017, 3000 students were enrolled in the college. Approximately half of the students are enrolled in a recognized study track, and half are enrolled in a re-training track. The college receives a large number of applications for admission.

Sakhnin Academic College trains educators, teachers and kindergarten teachers and grants them a B.Ed. and M.Ed. degrees in Education and or a teaching certificate. Students study within one of the following tracks and areas of specialization: Early Education Track, Special Education Track, Junior High School Track (grades 7-10): Specialization available in English, Mathematics, and computer sciences, Elementary Schools Track (grades 1-6): Specialization available in English, Arabic, Mathematics, and science, Master's degree in management and organization of education systems, educational consulting, school assessment and measurement and special education, Academic Preparatory Program: This program is recognized and authorized by the Ministry of Education and by the Council for Higher Education. A graduation certificate from the Academic Preparatory Program qualifies students to study in a variety of universities within Israel, Professional Development Center, studies toward a diploma and advanced study. Guidance in planning, building and career development of students (grade 9-12 at schools) through effective utilization of the Arab human capital by nurturing and exploiting their abilities and skills depending upon the abilities consistent with the requirements of the Israeli immediate and future economy and the needs of the changing market – namely AFAQ: The National Center for Educational, Academic and Professional Guidance, Induction and beginning teachers center. It’s main goal to empower inductions and beginning teachers, developing their professional capacities, strengths and supporting them in their new role, so as to increase their atisfaction, motivation, and self-determination within this role (e.g., through this center that could lead to positive changes in their schools and community).

Sakhnin College aims to fulfill a range of vital needs to the Arab population in the Galileel. More than half of the Arabic speakers in Israel live in the Galilee region (Muslims, Christians, Druze and Bedouin). Yet, there is no any college in the region which trains Arabic speaking educators. Sakhnin College, due to its location in the center of the Galilee, will train and quality teachers, and provide greater and more diverse opportunities for study for Arab students and especially for women. The college espouses a strong belief in Jewish Arab partnership and employs both Jewish (almost 40%) and Arab teachers in its faculty who work together to achieve its goals.The expansion and development of Sakhnin College for Teacher Education will enable us to absorb students who have demonstrated their capacity and knowledge and who will make a significant contribution to the educational needs of the Arab population in Sakhnin region.

The college seeks to prepare its graduates to become educators who respect, value and nurture cultural, linguistic and traditional values in the Arab community as is true within every nation, language and culture in the modern world. These kinds of teachers are autonomous, with the capacity to continually learn and develop professionally so that they can develop within an educational system that is constantly changing, growing, and improving. Teachers will be equipped with excellent written and verbal skills, and trained as educational leaders. Today’s excellent teacher will become tomorrow’s excellent principal. Through this path, these teachers will be able to educate their students based on the same demands that they, as students, had to meet at the college.

Academic Preparatory Program:

The goal of the academic preparatory program is to prepare students for study at universities of higher education. The goals of the program are:

  • Improves the chances of students being accepted into “in demand” areas of study at institutions of higher education.
  • Provides educational and study capacities necessary for university study including study skills and time management.
  • Provides a strong educational basis in the necessary fields including Arabic, Hebrew, English, Mathematics, and natural science.
  • Offers training and guidance in selection of the possible major fields of study at universities based on the students’ interests and capabilities.
  • Conducts workshops for psychological and social preparation including academic writing, coping with interviews, and stressful situations; workshops in dealing with test anxiety, supporting and assisting students with learning disabilities, preparation of students for university life.