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International Learning Seminar

Five days of an "International Learning Seminar" at the Beit Berl College around the topic of "The MIT as a community of learners"

The Proteach team participated in five exciting days (November 6-10, 2017) of an "International Learning Seminar" organized by the Beit Berl    College around the topic of "The MIT as a community of learners" (MIT stands for Multi-player Induction Team, the core subject of our project). During the seminar the team visited two schools - Dror, in Moshav Bnei Dror, and Mekif Yod Bet, in Jaffa - where MITs are currently running.

Two days workshop at Kfar Hamacabia- in Ramat Gan - discussing and building of the instruments for pre and post interventions starting in October 2017

The Proteach team is currently involved in the preparation of the project’s evaluation plan for assessing the MITs’ performance in light of the project’s objectives. This initiative is carried out in the framework of work package 3 (WP3). To achieve this goal, on 26-27 July the team gathered for two intensive workshop days at Kfar Hamacabia, in Ramat Gan, to discuss and build the instruments (mainly questioners and interviews) for the pre- and post-interventions scheduled to start in October 2017.


Closing event of the Hadassim MIT leaded by Beit Berl College

Closing event of the Hadassim MIT leaded by Beit Berl College today (20.6.2017) through a pedagogical happening orgenised by the novice teachers on  the beach. Each of the novice teachers taught a lesson linked to the sea to his/her colleagues.  the sport teacher carried a short surfing training to all the team members, the Math teacher used compasses to teach the Tales equation, others taught  about forces and the tide. All in all we had a great Fun- enjoying the novice teachers creativity and imagination.

Study visit at Tallinn – Estonia

The Proteach team was hosted by the wonderful Tallinn university team for five exciting days (5-9 June) - dealing with: Novice Teachers at School – Improving mentoring at school. During the event we visited 3 schools and had the chance to meet and discuss with school masters and mentors about their views and experience in the field.


Mentors Conference in GACE- Evaluation of New Teachers

Gordon College hosted a Conference for Mentor teachers on the Evaluation of New Teachers.  The conference was held on May 15, 2017.   It was the third   meeting of mentor-teachers   who are responsible for supporting and guiding   Gordon's new teachers.

The 1st workshop at Kaye Academic College of Education in the framework of the PROTEACH project

On 18 April 2017, a first workshop was held at Kaye Academic College of Education in the framework of the PROTEACH project sponsored by Erasmus+. A total of 25 staff members participated in the meeting, among them the president of the college, the head of the Teachers Training School, all program heads of the college, and leading staff members.

Hosting the entire community of Beer Sheva incubator by the Centre for Innovation (CDI) at the Gev-Yam Industrial Park in Beer Sheva

On 27 March 2017 the entire community of Beer Sheva incubator was hosted by the Centre for Innovation (CDI) at the Gev-Yam Industrial Park in Beer Sheva. The incubator is being led by Growth Resources, Kaye Experimental Induction Unit, in association with the Ministry of Education and the Municipality of Beer Sheva.

The group of Mekif  Vav High School incubator was part of the meeting. Participated interns, novice teachers, mentors and the school's managerial staff, including the principal Mati Mindlin.

Project Management Board – PMB – meeting in Bucharest, Romania

On March 6th-8th Proteach had its first management board meeting. The team gathered for three intensive days of work devoted to the current preparation of the MITs (multi-player induction teams) by the 6 Israeli HEIs (higher education institutions) participating in the project. The partners shared their views regarding the characteristics that distinguish the MIT model from the existing Incubators model in Israel. Issues related to the involvement of school authorities, mentors and policy makers were discussed as well.

Absorbing beginning teachers in an era of changes and innovations

This is the title of a recent conference organized by Dr. Waleed Dallasheh, head of the Induction Department in The College of Sakhnin and leader of the College’s team in PROTEACH. The conference, held in the College’s premises, was attended by hundreds of beginning teachers, members of the induction program and teacher educators. Beginning teachers, and the enhancement of their roles at school as a means to reduce their dropout rates at the early stages of their careers, are at the central subject of the PROTEACH project.