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Agentic engagement

A term coined by Reeve and Tseng (2011) to describe a learner’s constructive contribution to their own learning.

An “agent” is someone who influences intentionally his/her functioning and life circumstances (Reeve, 2013).

Agentic engagement is a proactive pathway to positive functioning and outcomes or gains that might be personal, environmental or relational.

With regard to beginning teachers we refer to the process in which teachers intentionally and proactively try to personalise and enrich both what is learned, discussed, and done in the group and the ways they try to build for themselves a group and a school environment that support their psychological needs.

The teachers become proactive while trying to express their preferences and to improve the conditions and circumstances of their work environment.



How actively involved a person is in an activity or goal pursuit (Reeve, 12012; 2015)

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