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Proteach Visit to Exeter March 2018- 1st Week

The 1st week of the visit to Exeter had just ended, followed by a stormy weather and a lot of snow that covered the city of Exeter. 

The participant enjoyed an intensive study week, tours, lectures and conducting directed tasks in schools. 

The main topics of the week were: 

  • Introduction to Teacher Training in the UK 
  • Introduction to the Exeter Model of ITE  
  • Introduction to the Framework for Dialogue about Teaching  
  • Completion of a Framework for Dialogue about Teaching Task (classroom management) 
  • Introduction to Demonstration Record  (pupils' learning) 
  • Introduction to the UK school system
  • Details of school visits, expectations and rubric 
  • Professional dress and behaviour 
  • Introduction to the portfolio and tasks 
  • Models of reflective practice 
  • Professional learning
  • Professional identity 
  • Factors associated with teacher retention 
  • Reflecting on Beginning Teachers journeys as beginning teachers. 
  • Considering those experiences in the light of the literature and relevant research. 
  • School experience reflections 
  • Share completed tasks 
  • Implications for teacher induction and MITs

In few days, we will start with the 2nd week activities as all the Proateach members will join the group.