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Evaluation plan of the MITs implementation

In this document we present the PROTEACH approach to quality planning, monitoring and evaluation. The report is divided into two parts; the first and the main part is a detailed evaluation plan of the MITs implementation; the second part is a report on three questionnaires related to the projects' monitoring for general managerial issues and the success of two study seminars we conducted in the first half of the project. As the implementation of the MIT (Multicultural Induction Team) stands as the principal component of Proteach we had to find appropriate and reliable ways to assess something "fluid" like the execution of an implementation model in 6 different settings (of the 6 colleges participating in the project). To achieve this goal we took a design-based approach for assessing the MITs' work in light of the project’s objectives. In this context the project’s objectives and the indicators to measure our success as described in the projects' Logical Framework Matrix stand as our first set of criteria.