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University of Bucharest

The University of Bucharest is a leading academic centre and a significant point of reference in society, and it adheres to the principles of academic integrity and critical thinking. The University is one the leading higher education institutions in Romania and South-East Europe by actively contributing through research and teaching to the development and use of knowledge. The University's main objective is to offer high-quality academic programmes and research facilities, and becoming a forefront of research and teaching.

Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences offers studies in the full 3 cycle Bologna structure in 5 departments: Psychology, Educational Sciences, Special Needs Education, Teacher training - initial training for kindergarten and primary school teachers and initial training for future teachers and continuous training for teachers in the secondary education. The faculty has cooperation programmes at international level (exchange students, research, academic projects) and also at the national level. Forms of cooperation includes guest lecturers from public and private institutions connected with the field of study, practicum time and internships time in companies and governmental bodies, participation in partner's activities in relation with the domain of study, involvement in forms of partnership in common projects, programmes, long-term activities.

Project members:

  • Professor, PhD – Romiță Iucu
  • Lecturer, PhD – Mihaela Stîngu
  • Lecturer, PhD – Elena Marin
  • Professor, PhD – Lucian Ciolan
  • Erasmus + Coordinator – Alina Cristovici