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Talpiot Academic College

Talpiot College was established 80 years ago as a teacher training institute, a source of educational leadership for the Religious Zionist community in Israel. Its founders believed that teacher training was a national challenge, a credo that still guides the college's policy. Talpiot aims to train educators whose values are planted in Jewish roots, open to others, and aware of the changes taking place in our globalized world. The use of updated teaching methods and technologies for the 21st century skills - fostering critical thinking, intellectual curiosity and leadership among its students - is central in the College. The academic administration in the College applies quality control mechanisms, and encourages academic research in education, society and in the various disciplines taught in the college.

Talpiot offers an undergraduate degree (B.Ed.) in five target-age-based divisions: Early Childhood, Elementary Education, Junior High School, Multi-age track in the Arts and Multi- Age Special Education. Students choose to gain expertise in one or two of the following depts.: the Arts, Bible, English, Literature, Math, Oral Torah, Sciences and Special Education.

Among the various Ministry of Education-sponsored special initiatives in which the College is involved, of particular relevance for PROTEACH is "Academia–Classroom", in which 3rd-year students co-teach in schools three days a week. The College also takes part in the national effort to establish and implement a core-curriculum program in ultra-orthodox schools, and it has initiated academic programs for teachers from this sector. The location of the College in the midst of a low socioeconomic neighborhood provides our students with opportunities to engage in communal educational and social involvement as part of their professional training.

In the past five years the College has developed a program for in-service teachers, especially those in their first year of teaching, currently involving some 600 students, 300 of which novices. The program empowers the novice teachers by promoting close cooperation between the administration and staff of their schools and Talpiot's lecturers. The College's Research Authority is engaged in evaluating this program.