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The Mofet Institute

The Mofet Institute is a national inter-collegial center for the research and development of programs in teacher education and teaching in the colleges. The Institute constitutes a unique framework both in Israel and worldwide for supporting teacher educators’ professional development.  It was founded in 1983 as a non-profit organization with the support of the department of teacher education at the Ministry of Education, and has enjoyed a close professional connection with this department ever since.

The Institute's mission is to serve as a professional meeting-place for teacher educators to facilitate an educational dialogue among colleagues in the teacher education system, education policymakers and schools' staffs. It aspires to raise the standard of education to face the most demanding challenges of the rapidly changing modern world. The Institute’s academic staff is comprised of teacher educators recruited from Israeli colleges of education and universities.

In order to accomplish its missions, the Mofet Institute has developed various channels of action offered to teacher educators:

The Studies Channel offers short workshops for teacher educators on subjects in the field of teacher education.

The Writing Channel offers opportunities for teacher educators to transform their personal theoretical and practical knowledge into public knowledge for all. The Institute’s Research Authority has three main goals: to empower education researchers, to promote research on teacher education and teacher educators, and to disseminate the accumulated knowledge within educational policy makers, schools and other HEI.

The International Channel undertakes to form strong contacts with colleagues worldwide to be available to the global community of teachers.

The Communications Center provides communication services and develops state-of-the-art online technologies for academic institutions. It was established with the assistance of the Israel Ministry of Education in order to meet the technological-pedagogical needs of the various HEI and education institutions in Israel. The objective of the center is to advance teachers' and students' pedagogical and technological needs. The Center's professional services include providing assistance in online and computer-mediated learning so as to improve teaching and learning skills.