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Gordon Academic College of Education

The goal of The Gordon Academic College is to train teachers, educators and leaders innovatively in education and teaching while integrating community involvement. The College promotes academic excellence based on the newest theories, incorporating the most advanced technology and practical trials in teaching. 

The College focuses on the student, while still emphasizing a commitment to society, and imparting the moral and ethical foundations of education as its purpose and mission.  The students studying at Gordon come from diverse groups in the Israeli society: Israeli born, new immigrants, Christian, Muslims, Druze and physically challenged, as the values of multiculturism, tolerance and accepting the other are form the pillars of the educational vision. The academic staff which trains our students for the challenges of dealing with the education system includes professional staff such as education lecturers and professors of other disciplines, and serves as a model of educating the next generation of the children in Israel. The students learn the importance of seeing and helping the individual within the system's framework, using the connection between the students' educators, family and the system. Students at Gordon Academic College of Education can study for the Bachelor’s of Education Degree as well as for the Master of Education Degree in several different areas. 

Gordon’s Center for International Programs and Relations is active in European Commission Programs of TEMPUS and ERASMUS+ and has coordinated several international programs that have promoted Diversity, Children’s Rights, Civic Education and Social Involvement within teacher-training programs.    Gordon Academic College also leads Israeli Institutions of Higher Education in integrating technology and pedagogy, ranking first in this area among all academic teaching colleges in a recent survey.

For more information please contact Dr. Rhonda Sofer  rhonda@gordon.college